Leaving Lanzarote!

Team Mehalah leaving Marina Lanzarote, in front of the new sign at the end of our pontoon, completed just in time! José Juan came to wave us off – my friend Katie from Trill Farm used to work with JJ here at Marina Lanzarote and put us in touch – very good tour guide, thank you Katie!

We’re off! We set sail from Marina Lanzarote at 1pm this afternoon, into calm seas and bright sunshine. Three hours in and no significant wind yet (still motoring), or dolphins, or fish on John’s line, but we remain hopeful.

We are heading for La Palma first, and aim to arrive on Friday (two days time).

Joe came to slip our lines and wave us off – bye Joe!

We are doing split watches for this first passage. Each watch is three hours long, and we overlap with each other by an hour and a half, so we share each watch with two other people, one after the other. Gill and I took the first watch, and I took the helm on a course of 241 degrees, down the south east coast of Lanzarote.

Passing Puerto Calero

I’ve since had a nap, and woken up to see the beach I slept on at Papagayo from a new angle. We have just passed between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and changed course to 268 degrees, which should take us past Tenerife at some point tomorrow and on to La Palma.

Looking back at the beach I slept on a couple of weeks ago

Gill is preparing an early supper of ratatouille that I made yesterday, ready for our first night at sea. At the moment, we are still close enough to the islands to get 4G, but will soon leave it behind and rely on the satellite phone until we reach La Palma. John and I will both be writing blog posts, which will be posted to here and to Mehalah’s blog simultaneously – we’ll try to remember to say who is writing each time!

We won’t be able to read any comments, but please comment anyway so that we can read them when we arrive 🙂

Thank you for all the messages of good luck – we are all feeling very loved and fortunate to be on such an adventure.

If you want to see where we are, you can use this link and click on ‘Show Journey’. Catch ya later alligators!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Lanzarote!

  1. Very envious Mariel, you’re going to have a wonderful experience! Loved the desert island disc choices totally with you on Days like these, Natural Woman, and my favourite get up and dance song Diamonds on the soles of her shoes, in fact going to play it now and dance. Lots of love and hugs Xxx

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