Coming Home to Compost

I’m sawing through old planks of wood, building compost bays as part of my effort to dig for victory in this battle against food shortages amidst a global pandemic of coronavirus. (What a context…)

My Sailing-to-a-Desert-Island Discs

I have long been a fan of Desert Island Discs and have often thought about what my choices would be or how I would actually fare with only eight songs to listen to, so I thought a 3 week crossing of the Atlantic might be a good time to try it…

Joy is not made to be a crumb

The first weekend that I walked the South West Coast Path in Jan 2019, the poet Mary Oliver had just died, and my social media feed was full of snatches of poetry and sayings of hers. If you haven’t heard of her before, you might recognise the oft-quoted “tell me, what is it you planContinue reading “Joy is not made to be a crumb”

On travelling slowly

The first significant leg of my journey has been from the UK, through France by coach and train, and then slowly through Spain with my friend Ben in his van (and home), Jemima. Now I am sitting on a ferry from Cadiz to Lanzarote, a journey of 31 hours, with very limited on board entertainmentContinue reading “On travelling slowly”

Inspiration – Mary Oliver

I read this in my small book of Mary Oliver poetry soon after visiting a boat for sale in Cornwall, seriously considering buying it despite never having sailed. IF I WANTED A BOAT I would want a boat, if I wanted a boat, that bounded hard on the waves, that didn’t know starboard from portContinue reading “Inspiration – Mary Oliver”

Inspiration – Kahlil Gibran

In the midst of my reflections on house buying, weighing the security of a comfortable home with the financial stability and trappings it would require, I read Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, and specifically the part on houses. The whole passage encouraged me as I turned away from bricks and mortgages, but one line stuck withContinue reading “Inspiration – Kahlil Gibran”

Inspiration – Jedidiah Jenkins

There have been many small moments over the past few years (perhaps my whole life) that have led to this point of leaving my job, my home and any security for a life on the road (and sea). One moment, a few years ago now, was watching this video about Jedidiah Jenkins’ bicycle trip fromContinue reading “Inspiration – Jedidiah Jenkins”