Stranded in St Lucia

What a crazy world we find ourselves in. I arrived here in St Lucia on Saturday morning, having waved goodbye to Gill and John from a small ferry leaving Martinique, to join Al on his 45ft Passport, Ecce Diem, planning to sail north through the islands.

Snapshots from Crossing the Atlantic

It’s now a week since we arrived here in Martinique. The solitude of the ocean passage seems like a distant memory. Irish John returned home to his farm near Cork only a couple of days after we arrived, and since then we have moved from the quiet anchorage into the busy marina to make the post-crossing repairs and re-provisioning easier.

Atlantic Crossing – Day 24 – We have arrived!

Blogger: Mariel Date: 5-Mar-2020 Location: At anchor in St Anne’s, Martinique! Total to Date: 2948nm (0nm to go) Final 22 Hour Run: 118nm Wednesday 4th March, 18:52 The last sunset of the passage (unless something goes very wrong). This afternoon, I played my desert island discs through John D’s bluetooth speaker and explained my choices,Continue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 24 – We have arrived!”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 22

Blogger: John Date: 3-Mar-2020 Location: Closing on Martinique Total to Date: 2729nm (212nm to go) 25 Hour Run: 116nm We gybed in the night because our course became erratic, the motion was uncomfortable and everything was banging and crashing around. And what a difference. Since then we have creamed along at around 6 knots allContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 22”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 21

Blogger: John and Mariel Date: 2-Mar-2020 Location: Approaching Martinique from the East Total to Date: 2600nm (332nm to go) 25 Hour Run: 110nm Two contrasting nightwatch reflections for you today, plus some excitement from this morning. PART 1 Mariel, 03.32am, nightwatch I’m starting to find this hard in different ways. The constant queasiness, the changeContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 21”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 20

Blogger: John Date: 1-Mar-2020 Location: Back in dragonfly flying distance Total to Date: 2494nm (430nm to go) 24 Hour Run: 113nm A challenging 24 hour period. 25 hours actually as we choose 12.00-13.00 to be repeated as we put our clocks back for the third time during the crossing. Only one more left and we’llContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 20”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 19 – Whale!

Blogger: John and Mariel Date: 29-Feb-2020 Location: Creeping ever closer Total to Date: 2378nm (539nm to go) 24 Hour Run: 116nm Despite a steady, uneventful night(though very warm and with a fair amount of rock’n’rollin’), the wind has again been fickle and the end looks as far away today as it did yesterday. However….we didContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 19 – Whale!”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 18

Blogger: John Date: 28-Feb-2020 Location: Edging closer Total to Date: 2255nm (654nm to go) 24 Hour Run: 134nm This is afternoon Tradewind sailing as you know it from the brochures! A gentle 10-12 knot breeze from the port quarter, sun shining and good progress at last in the right direction. The crew is all onContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 18”