Arrecife to La Palma – Day 1

Blogger: John D

Here we go!
We woke up this morning with that excited feeling you get in your stomach when an adventure is about to begin. Sailbag off, sheets on and all those myriad tasks that soon will become automatic. By 10.30 we were at the new “Marina Lanzarote” sign where the marina owner (yup, you read that right) turned up to take our photos dressed in our Mehalah shirts courtesy of Jackie, Mehalah’s previous owner. Mariel had a contact who knew JJ the owner. He gave her a private tour of the island earlier in the week! Now that’s what I call a handy crew and to crown it all he brought us a bag of Lanzarote goodies to speed us on our way to his other marina in La Palma.
It’s now 15.05 and we are motoring in zero wind down the eastern side of Lanzarote. In the distance we can see Fuertaventura and the gap we must pass through. The dolphin count is currently zero which is good because that is my prediction. A floating log gave a little excitement but my prediction is still holding good. The fishing rod is out. Guess what? No fish.
My watch starts in another hour.
La Palma for Friday afternoon? It’s 220 miles in total.

It’s now 19.00. We’re sailing. Slowly. In the wrong direction though the wind is due to veer and bring us back on a better course. Time to send this first sat phone blog off and see if it works.

Good night from Mehalah.

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

4 thoughts on “Arrecife to La Palma – Day 1

  1. So lovely to hear the details of your adventure! Really enjoying catching up on what you are up to. Enjoy the sun..its still wet here! Much love, Kate, Ash, Dig and Stan x


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