Arrecife to La Palma – Day 2

Blogger: Mariel Time: 17:35 Location: A sunny cockpit, approaching Tenerife Blogging in the cockpit is not the usual approach, but I have been excused as we are once again in calm seas with not too much wind (although still under sail), and because I had my first quick dash up into the cockpit this morningContinue reading “Arrecife to La Palma – Day 2”

Arrecife to La Palma – Day 1

Blogger: John D Here we go! We woke up this morning with that excited feeling you get in your stomach when an adventure is about to begin. Sailbag off, sheets on and all those myriad tasks that soon will become automatic. By 10.30 we were at the new “Marina Lanzarote” sign where the marina ownerContinue reading “Arrecife to La Palma – Day 1”

Leaving Lanzarote!

We’re off! We set sail from Marina Lanzarote at 1pm this afternoon, into calm seas and bright sunshine. Three hours in and no significant wind yet (still motoring), or dolphins, or fish on John’s line, but we remain hopeful. We are heading for La Palma first, and aim to arrive on Friday (two days time).Continue reading “Leaving Lanzarote!”

My Sailing-to-a-Desert-Island Discs

I have long been a fan of Desert Island Discs and have often thought about what my choices would be or how I would actually fare with only eight songs to listen to, so I thought a 3 week crossing of the Atlantic might be a good time to try it…

10 firsts from my first 10 days on board

I have now been living aboard Mehalah, the boat I will cross the Atlantic on, for 10 days. It has flown by, but also feels as though I have always been here.

14 things I learnt whilst cycling and wild camping around Lanzarote

Aware that I was about to spend a number of weeks in a confined space with limited options for stretching my legs or being alone, I hired a bicycle and set off to build up my leg muscles and store up some alone time on a 5 day cycle and wild camping tour of Lanzarote.

South through Spain

It’s harder to write about where I’ve been and what we’ve done than events from long ago, or inspiration for my journey. I wonder if it is interesting to anyone other than my mum? Possibly not, but this is supposed to be a blog about what I’m doing now as well as all the other stuff, so I should at least try.

Leaving Mainland Europe

Ferry from Cadiz to Arrecife, Lanzarote, 14-15th Jan 2020 Well, here we go! (No, here I go) I have said goodbye to the last familiar faces I will see for who knows how long… I don’t know when I will next set foot on mainland Europe – what a strange feeling. This is where theContinue reading “Leaving Mainland Europe”