Atlantic Crossing – Day 6

Blogger: John Time: 15:00, 16-Feb-2020 Location: 300 miles north of the Cape Verde islands Total to Date: 673 nm Daily Run (25 hours!): 153 nm (best so far!) After yesterday’s full and varied celebrations today has been primarily a day of recovery. I’m sitting on the port cockpit cushions looking aft watching 3-4m Atlantic swellsContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 6”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 5

Blogger: Mariel Time: Various, 15-Feb-2020 Location: Further south in the sea between the Canaries and Cape Verdes Total to Date: 534 nm 24 Hour Run: 140 nm (best so far!) Friday 14th, 23.44, night watch We are steaming along at 6.3-6.8 knots, with an average of 10 knots of wind on the port beam, bearingContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 5”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 3

Blogger: Mariel Time: 17.30, 13-Feb-2020 Location: Somewhere in the sea between the Canaries and Cape Verdes Total Distance Travelled: 278 nautical miles (24 hour run, 107 nm) Today has been the first day that anyone has done anything but stand watch and sleep… or in Gill’s case, navigate, cook, clean, stow, repair torn lee clothsContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 3”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 2

Blogger: Mariel and John Time: 15.50, 12-Feb-2020 Location: West of El Hierro You may be wondering why yesterday’s post was written at 5pm but not sent until midnight? Yesterday night was, shall we say, eventful. However all issues were subsequently resolved with no casualties other than Paul the steering vane and one small cuttlefish. PaulContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 2”

Exploring La Isla Bonita

Wow – what a place. La Palma has blown our minds and we have all been lost for words, just pointing and making indecipherable noises to each other at yet another stunning landscape, ravine, plant or creature.

Arriving in La Palma, La Isla Bonita

Well we made it! 48 hours after leaving Lanzarote, we motored in to Marina La Palma, in front of a huge green caldera with rather risky looking houses built in the middle… La Palma is apparently the steepest island in the world, rising to almost 2,400 metres above sea level in just 10km… We haveContinue reading “Arriving in La Palma, La Isla Bonita”