Atlantic Crossing – Day 12

Blogger: Mariel Date: 22-Feb-2020 Location: MIDDLE of the Atlantic, past halfway. Total to Date: 1541nm 24 Hour Run: 136nm (another good run under reefed mainsail only) HALFWAY! What even is half way? Half of the total estimated distance? The mid-point of the Atlantic Ocean? Half of the time we think it might take to cross?Continue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 12”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 11

Blogger: John Date: 21-Feb-2020 Location: Middle of the Atlantic, just a few miles from halfway. Total to Date: 1401nm 24 Hour Run: 134nm (another good run under headsail only) Today’s post is for daughter Emma who said how much she enjoys the minutiae of our daily lives. It talks about this morning’s watch handover fromContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 11”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 10

Blogger: John Date: 20-Feb-2020 Location: Middle of the Atlantic, 140 miles to halfway. Total to Date: 1258nm 24 Hour Run: 150nm (yet another new 24 hour record – with three reefs in the mainsail!!) Just four items of note today, two of them pretty significant. #1: Mariel does dinner. As days have passed Mariel’s reactionContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 10”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 9

Blogger: John Date: 19-Feb-2020 Location: Past 1/3 of the way to the Caribbean, getting on for halfway. Total to Date: 1113nm 24 Hour Run: 149nm (another new 24 hour record – so close to the magical 150) Well, it’s been an interesting day today. For the first time talk in the cockpit has moved toContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 9”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 8

Blogger: Mariel Date: 18-Feb-2020 Location: 250 miles north west of the Cape Verde islands Total to Date: 961nm 24 Hour Run: 145nm (new 24 hour record) 04.05, night watch It strikes me that sailing across an ocean is a very different type of long distance journey to my usual walking or cycling. When I walkContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 8”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 6

Blogger: John Time: 15:00, 16-Feb-2020 Location: 300 miles north of the Cape Verde islands Total to Date: 673 nm Daily Run (25 hours!): 153 nm (best so far!) After yesterday’s full and varied celebrations today has been primarily a day of recovery. I’m sitting on the port cockpit cushions looking aft watching 3-4m Atlantic swellsContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 6”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 5

Blogger: Mariel Time: Various, 15-Feb-2020 Location: Further south in the sea between the Canaries and Cape Verdes Total to Date: 534 nm 24 Hour Run: 140 nm (best so far!) Friday 14th, 23.44, night watch We are steaming along at 6.3-6.8 knots, with an average of 10 knots of wind on the port beam, bearingContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 5”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 3

Blogger: Mariel Time: 17.30, 13-Feb-2020 Location: Somewhere in the sea between the Canaries and Cape Verdes Total Distance Travelled: 278 nautical miles (24 hour run, 107 nm) Today has been the first day that anyone has done anything but stand watch and sleep… or in Gill’s case, navigate, cook, clean, stow, repair torn lee clothsContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 3”