Atlantic Crossing – Day 22

Blogger: John Date: 3-Mar-2020 Location: Closing on Martinique Total to Date: 2729nm (212nm to go) 25 Hour Run: 116nm We gybed in the night because our course became erratic, the motion was uncomfortable and everything was banging and crashing around. And what a difference. Since then we have creamed along at around 6 knots allContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 22”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 21

Blogger: John and Mariel Date: 2-Mar-2020 Location: Approaching Martinique from the East Total to Date: 2600nm (332nm to go) 25 Hour Run: 110nm Two contrasting nightwatch reflections for you today, plus some excitement from this morning. PART 1 Mariel, 03.32am, nightwatch I’m starting to find this hard in different ways. The constant queasiness, the changeContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 21”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 20

Blogger: John Date: 1-Mar-2020 Location: Back in dragonfly flying distance Total to Date: 2494nm (430nm to go) 24 Hour Run: 113nm A challenging 24 hour period. 25 hours actually as we choose 12.00-13.00 to be repeated as we put our clocks back for the third time during the crossing. Only one more left and we’llContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 20”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 19 – Whale!

Blogger: John and Mariel Date: 29-Feb-2020 Location: Creeping ever closer Total to Date: 2378nm (539nm to go) 24 Hour Run: 116nm Despite a steady, uneventful night(though very warm and with a fair amount of rock’n’rollin’), the wind has again been fickle and the end looks as far away today as it did yesterday. However….we didContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 19 – Whale!”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 18

Blogger: John Date: 28-Feb-2020 Location: Edging closer Total to Date: 2255nm (654nm to go) 24 Hour Run: 134nm This is afternoon Tradewind sailing as you know it from the brochures! A gentle 10-12 knot breeze from the port quarter, sun shining and good progress at last in the right direction. The crew is all onContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 18”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 167

Blogger: Mariel Date: 27-Feb-2020 Location: Drifting around in the middle of nowhere Total to Date: 2124nm (782nm to go) 24 Hour Run: 97nm (oh dear) Well, no whales to finish off yesterday as a perfect day, but today has been great for this mermaid because we have been becalmed! Hooray! (Irish John says it isContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 167”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 16 – Fish On!!

Blogger: John Date: 26-Feb-2020 Location: 2000+nm from La Palma Total to Date: 2042nm (856nm to go!) 24 Hour Run: 123nm It’s hot. It’s tropical. At last things have changed. The first two weeks were pretty chilly with strong winds and big waves. No time to do much but eat, sleep, keep watch and put rightContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 16 – Fish On!!”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 15

Blogger: John Date: 25-Feb-2020 Location: Less than 1,000 miles to go Total to Date: 1913nm (977nm to go!) 24 Hour Run: 111nm If you’ve never sailed in the Trade Winds but read the books then that is what it is like today. A gentle ENE breeze, blue skies, blue ocean, occasional white fluffy clouds. ConduciveContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 15”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 14

Blogger: Mariel Date: 23-Feb-2020 Location: Two thirds of the way across the Atlantic Total to Date: 1806nm (1072nm to go!) 24 Hour Run: 137nm (actually another 25hr run, 127nm made good) Currently sitting in the cockpit, with blue seas and blue skies in (almost) all directions. We are making nearly 6 knots in (almost) theContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 14”

Atlantic Crossing – Day 13

Blogger: John Date: 23-Feb-2020 Location: 1204 miles from Waypoint 20, St. Anne’s, Martinique Total to Date: 1666nm 24 Hour Run: 135nm (very consistent daily runs) Happy birthday daughter Emma. An odd 24 hours really. A bit of everything but most of all he first day with time for relaxing. Gilly and Mariel have re-catalogued theContinue reading “Atlantic Crossing – Day 13”