Atlantic Crossing – Day 22

Blogger: John
Date: 3-Mar-2020
Location: Closing on Martinique
Total to Date: 2729nm (212nm to go)
25 Hour Run: 116nm

We gybed in the night because our course became erratic, the motion was uncomfortable and everything was banging and crashing around. And what a difference. Since then we have creamed along at around 6 knots all day on an easy port tack. We all agree today has been the best sailing day so far. A great relief after two or three days of hard work battling for every mile won. The sky is blue now, the squalls have died out at least for the time being and we’ve even done a team Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword (1 wrong). Mariel got two cryptic clues correct and she says her granny will be very proud of her! We did have another few rainy squalls though in the night with winds of up to 34 knots – another wet knicker day for the girls!

Creature wise it’s been another good day. A turtle from IJ, a possible booby from Mariel, another small petrel like bird, lots of flying fish and a brief visit from a large pod of those very small dolphins.

The mahi-mahi meal last night well lived up to expectations when we somehow managed to eat almost half of yesterday’s catch. The rest of the half went into today’s lunchtime salad (with mung beans etc). Tonight the vote is for fish soup rather than tray bake which sounds absolutely scrummy. Mariel has taught me how to bake her spelt bread today so the last two loaves are on the cooker cooling down. There’s still a bit of the last packet of butter left too so it’s feast time tonight.

Psychologically we’re at that odd stage where we all want to get to the end but are not sure that we want it all to end. By tomorrow morning we will have less than 200 miles to go and we’ll work out if we get to St Anne’s on Thursday evening or Friday morning (or even a night arrival as we know the anchorage fairly well). We shall see.

M, IJ, J and G

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

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