Atlantic Crossing – Day 20

Blogger: John
Date: 1-Mar-2020
Location: Back in dragonfly flying distance
Total to Date: 2494nm (430nm to go)
24 Hour Run: 113nm

A challenging 24 hour period. 25 hours actually as we choose 12.00-13.00 to be repeated as we put our clocks back for the third time during the crossing. Only one more left and we’ll do that as we approach Martinique.

We’ve had a bit of everything except for those strong consistent winds from earlier in the trip. Constant winds for much of the night – 4.5-5.0 knots interspersed by a couple of squalls pushing 30 knots. We always have a reef in at night so no big deal. But if you are ‘sleeping’ below you can feel her kick her heels up and start to push on up over 7 knots. Today it’s been more of the same but with stronger squalls some bringing brief rain showers followed by little or no wind. It’s hot. It’s very humid. We’ve even had the engine on for a couple of hours total to push us through the calms and to protect the sail from the constant slatting back and forth.

Another visitor last night in the form of a full size flying fish who came flapping on board. This one failed to relaunch so he sits at present on the end of the (undisturbed) fishing line. Last night the line had to be retrieved as two frigate birds were becoming a bit too interested in it.

As we close in on land a lone dragonfly was blown past earlier this morning.

And last night on my (JD) watch there was more action as first the wind suddenly veered through 30 degrees and strengthened considerably making the sails start their horrid whap whap routine. Just as we were sorting that out I spotted a ship on AIS 13 miles away and closing. We watched him down the starboard side and then immediately there’s another big commercial vessel coming within a mile of us. And all that after we hadn’t seen a ship since leaving the Cape Verdes.

We’ve had an annnoying squeak from the spinnaker pole alongside the mast for most of the trip but that’s now been remedied by strapping it along the deck. The pole for the parasailor together with all its lines are still run ready for deployment but the squally conditions have precluded its use today.

We’re counting down the miles now by the hundred with the aim to lose one hundred at least every 24 hours. Only 430 left to go. Wednesday? Thursday? Friday? The bets are on.

M, IJ, J and G

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

One thought on “Atlantic Crossing – Day 20

  1. Almost there :)! Im enjoying the daily updates and details. Hope the last few days of your crossing will be peaceful and fun! I did not manage to the reply to the post in which you asked for questions, but I did wonder what the smells are like, is it like on the beach or in a harbour or different? Big hugs!! ❤


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