Atlantic Crossing – Day 18

Blogger: John
Date: 28-Feb-2020
Location: Edging closer
Total to Date: 2255nm (654nm to go)
24 Hour Run: 134nm

This is afternoon Tradewind sailing as you know it from the brochures! A gentle 10-12 knot breeze from the port quarter, sun shining and good progress at last in the right direction. The crew is all on deck, the skipper has given the OK for the bluetooth speaker to come up and join us. Three oldies and M grooving along to Greatest Classic Rock Hits including Rod Stewart, Mott the Hoople, Queen etc etc (you know the one girls!). An afternoon to savour.

This, after a hard day of trying to make the most of lights wind in the wrong direction followed by a full hot night of motoring which did though give us much needed mileage in the right direction. In our minds we are almost there but even now there is still well over 600 miles left to travel. The forecast though is for better and more consistent winds for the next few days though we will not be making Jack’s prediction of early on the 3rd March I fear. This afternoon, as well as crashing along in 20+ knots in the first half of the passage and a lot of laughs are the things I will remember from this trip.

We were idly chatting yesterday when I said “sometimes I think there is fifth person on board with us”. Not a bad person but definitely an extra member of the crew. A few moments of quiet. M says “Funny, I’ve felt that too”. More quiet. IJ says “me too”. And finally Gilly joins us saying “I’ve felt the same three times now”. Make of that what you will but I’m oddly comforted by it. Maybe we’ve just been aboard for too long now.

M is now fully up and running after a couple of days of half Stugeron – and boy is the food good. Fresh bread again this morning, pizzas last night. Amazing salads. All the provisioning that Gilly and M spent time on in Arrecife is paying dividends. And of course there was the mahi-mahi sushi (wasabi a bit too hot?) followed by fish and chips. We are eating like royalty although we do have to report the final demise of Charlie the pig leg who was launched last night into the ocean.

It’s been a day of consolidation too after good nights of sleep for us all to the monotonous lull of the Beta engine. Gill has transferred diesel from the main tank to the day tank, calculations of remaining fuel and water have been made together with a review of remaining stores compared with possible arrival dates. The good news is we should have enough of everything despite the last mango flying across the galley splattering itself on cooker, engine compartment and floor. Phew! Engine checks are satisfactory, the batteries are full and Paul the self steering is still steering us unerringly despite evidence of some wear.

Weatherwise we’ve had a couple of showers today, squally ones coming with a short lived increase in veering wind which helps our course. Last night was another sunset when the cameras came out. It looked as though the sun was wearing glasses (just like an emoticon according to Gill). Then the glasses seemed to become two yachts sailing in the distance before morfing into clouds.

Shore support daughter Jenny has checked whether the marina at Le Marin, Martinique is able to accommodate us for three weeks or so at the end of March. They can offer us 10 days which we have accepted. Hopefully by the time I leave for my UK trip Gill will have built up a good relationship with the staff and they will extend or let us put Mehalah on one of their mooring balls. But before that we’ll spend a few days chilling in the anchorage at St. Anne’s.

M, IJ, J and G

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

2 thoughts on “Atlantic Crossing – Day 18

  1. Honaloochie Boogie, YEAH!
    Don’t stop me now.

    All good news today, hope it continues.
    Intrigued by your 5th crew member – could be so many folk from M’s side.


  2. Have been praying for a safe passage for all of you, so lovely to read you daily updates rather exciting for landlubers such an adventure. Happy ☺ sailing.


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