Atlantic Crossing – Day 15

Blogger: John
Date: 25-Feb-2020
Location: Less than 1,000 miles to go
Total to Date: 1913nm (977nm to go!)
24 Hour Run: 111nm

If you’ve never sailed in the Trade Winds but read the books then that is what it is like today. A gentle ENE breeze, blue skies, blue ocean, occasional white fluffy clouds. Conducive to doing nothing. Bodies are draped around the cockpit or tucked behind shady areas. It is hot. From time to time (well twice) a white tropic bird wheels overhead and rarely (or never) the fishing line screams into action.

Last night we gybed (changed direction) to try and head further south as you might have noticed we are currently lined up for a landfall in Antigua rather than Martinique. Not such a good tack and without our trusty west going current to help us on our way we struggled through the night. Nothing serious just flapping around trying to improve angle or the speed and in the end finding nothing would really help. [Anecdotal edit from M: Irish John made a boo-boo when he suggested that, thanks to the gybe, we would have to move our pillows to opposite sides of our beds to support us in our sleep. Galley girls Gill and I both exclaimed “if you have a bed!” and “if you have an opposite side to move to!” simultaneously in horror!]

A couple of notable incidents however. I spotted the first ship for ten days on the AIS machine though it was 13 miles away and not steaming in our direction. On the same watch M and I saw a beautiful “Venus beam” reflected on the water. Gill and I have also seen the Southern Cross low in the sky for the past few mornings – we must be getting south now.

Our aft heads blocked this morning. This of course means that the toilet must be taken to pieces, the source of the problem diagnosed, new parts bought if necessary and the whole lot reassembled. Less obvious perhaps is that this is not one of a boatie’s favourite tasks. Still, needs must though I’ll probably leave it til we arrive in Martinique. I expect it’s a hose caked up with who knows what!

This morning the girls (or women, we’re not sure what we should call them) baked. Tiny Danish pastries from M (without significant queasiness after following Wendy’s ‘half a tablet’ suggestion) and cheese and ‘Charlie’ scones as well as some olive ones. All very delicious. Charlie is the name IJ has given to the pig’s leg and is not some illegal white substance.

Desultorily (sp?) we played “what’s your favourite cake” with fruit cake the overall winner followed by chocolate cake and amazingly carrot cake. Bruce Bogtrotter’s cake was high on the list so M proceded to recount the whole scene where Miss Trunchbowl forces Bruce to eat her cake in assembly (“Brucie, Brucie”). At about this time Gilly went into mothering mode as she realised IJ was getting burnt without his shirt on. He ‘humphed’ and turned over so the other side could tan. We decided lifejacket tan lines, grizzly beards and anchor tattoos would identify us as genuine sea dogs.

.and on we sail, a bit in the wrong direction and a bit slow but today no one really seems to care. It feels as though the more challenging conditions are behind us (ha ha) and thoughts turn to sun kissed beaches, rasta beach bars, launderettes and a bed that doesn’t move. The Caribbean beckons guys, let’s sail on.

G, IJ, J and M

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

One thought on “Atlantic Crossing – Day 15

  1. Another excellent blog, keeping us with you all in spirit, thank you.
    Glad to hear that you’ve found a way to reduce the queasiness, Mariel x


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