Atlantic Crossing – Day 13

Blogger: John
Date: 23-Feb-2020
Location: 1204 miles from Waypoint 20, St. Anne’s, Martinique Total to Date: 1666nm
24 Hour Run: 135nm (very consistent daily runs)

Happy birthday daughter Emma.

An odd 24 hours really. A bit of everything but most of all he first day with time for relaxing. Gilly and Mariel have re-catalogued the remaining stores and determined that we do have enough to get us to the other side. Almost gone off fruit and vegetables made for an entertaining lunch as there were four serving dishes plus our own four bowls, spoons and forks. You will quickly realise that this means we are each holding two bowls and hence unable to feed ourselves. Teamwork was the key here.

JD’s back was playing up so to general ribaldry Gilly gave me a massage. Conversation ranged widely over the difference between a masseuse and a massage therapist and which role Gilly was currently playing. It’s probably not a shame that we can’t post photos to the blog. My disrobing led to further semi nakedness as Gilly (swark) and IJ (no squark) threw buckets of seawater over themselves before rinsing off in fresh for much needed washes.

Fishing also recommenced though fishing is perhaps a rather grand term for this activity. Today’s choice of lure was a nice home made one from a previous owner of Mehalah. A perspex head with big eyes, a wiggly red thread of beads and a new hook on a steel trace made up the tempting rig. So far? Nothing. Nada. But it looks just as good in the water as all the previous off the shelf offerings.

Weatherwise last night was pretty bumpy. At last we’ve hit the squall area. The consistent 15-20 knot Trade Winds are interrupted by looming grey/black clouds. As you approach something will happen, or perhaps not. The wind usually strengthens and veers knocking us further off course. Maybe it rains hard for a few minutes or maybe not. You never know. But you do know to be ready for anything. They’ve been pretty gentle so far but who knows what tonight’s will bring. This morning was grey and lumpy but after lunch the sun came out giving a record 20.3 amps of solar power at one point. Bikini tops were dug out, we didn’t care that we were undercanvassed and we rolled along in near perfect trade wind conditions.

We all know each other pretty well now so conversations range far and wide. How many real ‘friends’ can you have? Where will Cappoquin (IJ’s boat) be next year? The story of Gill’s encounter with a raiki proponent when she slid off the massage table in front of the window cleaner. Families. Sailing stories. And of course food which despite being limited in the meat department has been excellent. Oranges are holding up well, potatoes are available in abundance and avos have made themselves into guacamole.

Gill has been reading a book about skin. She has found that as Atlantic crossers we will be entitled to wear an anchor tattoo. Discussion is hotting up as to what design and which location we will each choose.

Mariel has just reminded me of today’s scientific achievement. She has made an actual telescope entirely out of materials available on the boat. It is used to help spot the so far almost entirely elusive orcas of the North Atlantic. It consists of the inner cardboard tube from a used kitchen towel roll. To use it she places her eye at one end and scans the ocean for whales. So far no luck but not for want of trying. That’s what 13 days at sea does for you! Spirits remain high!

G, IJ, J and M

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

One thought on “Atlantic Crossing – Day 13

  1. I eagerly await your updates every afternoon. I love the details of life aboard and the various challenges you are each facing. Sending you fair winds, with love. Ben


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