Atlantic Crossing – Day 7

Blogger: John and Mariel
Time: 15:00, 16-Feb-2020
Location: 250 miles north north west of the Cape Verde islands Total to Date: 822 nm
24 Hour Run: 143 nm

Just a quick blog today as we are being thrown all over the place in 30 knots winds and 4-5m waves. All very beautiful and good for the distance covered but hard to stop the computer flying off the nav station!

Big news is that yesterday evening Mariel spotted a whale jumping out just below the horizon. No idea what species but a good first spot. Dolphins at night again. The moon is getting smaller.

M would like to know if anyone has any questions for her. If so post them as comments to her blog and Jenny will pick them up for us (thanks Jen!).

Big news from the noise abatement is that biggest noise (the one we had on passage from Portugal Jack) has been cured at least temporarily. However given all the other crashes and bangs going on there’s plenty still to go at.

According to Jack we’re in for an even bumpier ride tomorrow but spirits are high and food is still being cooked (and kept down). Getting dressed for night watch or indeed doing anything much is pretty tricky at present.

G, IJ, J and M

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

One thought on “Atlantic Crossing – Day 7

  1. How are your desert island discs going, and have you made up any stories about the night sky constellations for your fellow crew yet? Love Ben


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