Atlantic Crossing – Day 3

Blogger: John
Time: 16.10, 14-Feb-2020
Location: Somewhere else in the sea between the Canaries and Cape Verdes Total to Date: 380nm
24 Hour Run: 119 nm

We’re into a bit of a routine now. Our watch system has changed so we are now all doing solo watches. 3 hours in the day, 2 at night. This gives us quite a bit more off time – time to sleep or even manage a bodywash. IJ and M (aka Neptune and The Mermaid) both managed near naked aft deck seawater washes today – they told me it was warm enough. But I voted for similar in the aft heads where the pig’s trotter stuck out menacingly over the washbasin.

Early this morning after a few hours of magnificent phosphorescence as Atlantic rollers coursed beneath our hull the standard cry of ‘no ships, no ships, no ships, no fish, no fish, no fish’ was replaced by ‘there’s a ship!’ the first in three days. An old rusty fishing vessel it failed to respond to our call so as we were barely moving anyhow the engine came on and we motored around it. No sign of anyone on board. Perhaps they were all asleep heading to or from their fishing ground. Gilly, there really is no need to panic, it’s just a fishing boat not an African pirate vessel.

Later in the afternoon it was dolphin time – M’s first big pod. Dark black 30 or 40 of them cavorted around some 50m from the boat. Unfortunately this time they didn’t come to play with us. So we had to be content with 2 shearwaters (what type?), another man-of-war jellyfish and a smalll dead moth.

Sailing wise it’s been varied. Slopping around one minute with sails flogging threatening to bring the mast down and cracking on in flat seas at over 6 knots the next. We’re making really good progress at present in a great direction with more of the same predicted for the next few days (thanks Jack). Not without issues of course as Reefing Line 1 had to be shortened due some chafe and then its shackle fell off at the outboard end and had to be replaced as we rolled around. We’ve also run an additional preventer line which significantly reduces the time taken to gybe.

Choir practice continues with “In the morning I’ll be dancing naked on Mehalah” as well as the old favourites from the previous crossing such as Sloop John B and the Mingulay Boat Song.

Just now it’s 15.59 and my watch starts in one minute so it’s bye for now. Oh yes, we’re having some laughs too – IJ has just appeared with a shark model made from coloured clothes pegs and singing the Baby Shark Song (except none of us can remember the tune).

Happy Valentines Day to all our admirers.

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

Jenny: P=6, O=5, C=9, M=3, U=2, H=7. Correct?

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