Atlantic Crossing – Day 2

Blogger: Mariel and John
Time: 15.50, 12-Feb-2020
Location: West of El Hierro

You may be wondering why yesterday’s post was written at 5pm but not sent until midnight? Yesterday night was, shall we say, eventful. However all issues were subsequently resolved with no casualties other than Paul the steering vane and one small cuttlefish. Paul stopped working. His counterweight was hanging by a thread and needed attention. Attention effected by me hanging out the back with a size 10 spanner and a bit of thin rope. 90 minutes later, all sorted as we sped up to 8 knots, reefed and watched the last ship pass behind our stern. Now a dolphin leapt 1m clear of the water in the moonlight.

Wind dropped. Gybed. All good. Much more comfortable as we increased speed. Eventually up to over 8 knots again in 20+ knots of breeze and two reefs. What felt like minutes of sleep later M and JD were woken to assist with the yankee that was wrapped around the forestay. Not good. Not good at all. Half an hour later all was fixed again. This time the casualties were a stranded squid and Gill’s soaked trousers.

In the distance we watched as the lights of El Hierro finally disappeared from sight. The last land for three weeks.

Finally as the sun came up we could see that the reefed main was caught in the lazyjacks. Drop the lazyjacks and that’s sorted too.

In other news we have a wildlife count of 1 pigeon(did not land), two shearwaters, no fish, one plastic bag and a drifting clutch of three floating fishing floats.

Sleep is grabbed whenever possible at present. We’ve still not settled into a routine. All things considered though the consensus is that morale is high. We have already covered over 150 of the 2600 miles to Martinique.

Orange consumption is on target at one per person per day. The bag of free figs from the friendly greengrocer is delicious and last night’s chilli and rice was well up to scratch (thanks ladies).

Let’s hope for a quieter night tonight.

Adios amigos! M, J, G and IJ.

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

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