Atlantic Crossing – Day 1

Blogger: Mariel and John
Time: 17.13
Location: Passing El Hierro

We just saw a turtle a few metres off the port beam looking like a log – but no, it really was a turtle! Great view for around a minute. Probably a young green or hawksbill. No dolphins or whales yet but the turtle more than makes up for it.

Mariel’s had one seasickness near miss after nobly offering to test her sea legs and make lunch. Lunch did appear on the deck but luckily still inside her. Counting houses on La Palma’s receding coastline proved an almost immediate and effective cure.

All awake this morning by 7.30. Everyone prepared for the forthcoming trip in their own way. By 10.00 we left our very snatchy berth and motored to the fuel pontoon. 30 minutes later, full of fuel, we called Traffic Control who let us out of the marina to play with the big ships.

With sails up before leaving the harbour we sailed out into a nasty short 2m swell. Since then we’ve been tanking along at around 6 knots on a very broad port beam reach. Current speed record held by Mariel at 7.5 knots (though this was when Paul the wind steering was in control). La Palma has disappeared, El Hierro has yet to appear on the horizon.

This evening we will place our arrival date and time bets along with any other significant “landmarks”. No vessels for the past few hours and nothing on AIS.

Thanks to Jenny for stalking us on AIS, gMail etc. Jen is Gill and John’s elder daughter and she and other daughter Emma are our communication link back to the UK. She crossed with us in 2015 and spookily seemed to know exactly what we were up to for the first few hours. So much so that we expected her to pop out of the lazarette at any moment!

Time to get ready for our first night.

Adios amigos! J, G, IJ and M

Use with SHOW JOURNEY to track our progress.

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