All set and ready to sail

80 oranges, 20 mangoes, 30 avocados, 3 loads of laundry, 2 sets of chilli prepared, 1 soup for lunch tomorrow, a tray of flapjack baked, and 4 passports stamped out of the EU (actually, the friendly policeman refused to stamp my passport with the exit stamp – he said he would if I came back next year when Brexit has actually happened, and instead gave me a stamp for the police of Santa Cruz de La Palma…)

Only a fraction of the supplies now hanging in nets from every hook we can find
A very early morning visit to the market hall
And to the bakery – yum yum yum
I’m improving my laundry drying efficiency tactics – this time with three items per peg (it’s the little things…!)
Leaving the police office with our papers stamped and signed

Today has been a busy one, starting at 6.30am for Gill and me with a trip to the market, then to the bakery, the laundrette, the police station, the supermarket and so on. But finally everything is ready, we have had our final meal of delicious pizza from the takeaway in the marina, and plan to depart around 10am tomorrow morning. I think we are all ready to go now – we have been building up to this for some time, there are always more jobs to do but we have prepared as best we can, and now we all want to be underway.

The forecast is for a few days of light winds, so we will probably have a slow start, but the opportunity to ease in to everything.

We’ll try to send a blog post each day, but even satellite phones struggle mid-Atlantic, so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a couple of days. You can track our progress here:

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages wishing us well – please continue to do so even though we won’t be able to read any comments until we reach Martinique. Big love X

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