Leaving Mainland Europe

Ferry from Cadiz to Arrecife, Lanzarote, 14-15th Jan 2020

Well, here we go! (No, here I go) I have said goodbye to the last familiar faces I will see for who knows how long… I don’t know when I will next set foot on mainland Europe – what a strange feeling. This is where the bravery and adventure really begin, I guess.

I felt really anxious this morning. I had dreams about being late and unprepared, and woke up with a tightness in my chest. After a last bath in Jemima and a walk up the harbour wall, I packed up all my belongings from their various temporary homes around the van, and we drove up into the port to check where I’d need to go. We parked up and walked into the old town for a last explore and tapas lunch. The cathedral is almost incomprehensibly huge.

We found the big market place and walked through stalls of fresh fish, and a tuna head three or four times the size of my own. How old had the tuna been, I wondered?

We had pintxos (Basque country tapas) on the outer edge of the market, mushroom croquettes, and anchovy, fresh cheese and avocado on bread, then went on to a seafood place where you could order cones of fried seafood to take away, then a final ice cream after a quick hi, bye and happy birthday to Harry and Tilly.

The past couple of weeks of travel have been easy – I’ve had a bed and food and someone to share with, I’ve not needed to worry about where to go or how to get there. I’ve stayed in Jemima before – it is a familiar space even if in a somewhat unfamiliar landscape.

I’ve had Ben to talk to and plan with, a like minded soul on a similarly open journey. But now I am on my own.

Being on my own isn’t new to me. But I’ve always had a home to return to after a few days, or a return flight booked even if it is not for a few months. Now, I don’t know when I’ll be back, or where the next few months will take me, the people I’ll meet or the places I’ll visit.

Farewell to Ben and Otto at Cadiz

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