Inspiration – Jedidiah Jenkins

There have been many small moments over the past few years (perhaps my whole life) that have led to this point of leaving my job, my home and any security for a life on the road (and sea).

One moment, a few years ago now, was watching this video about Jedidiah Jenkins’ bicycle trip from Oregon to Patagonia.

A lot of what he says resonated with me. I too felt like I was moving steadily along a career path that I loved, but that routine was robbing me of my sense of adventure and that life was rushing past me.

I wanted to re-wire my brain before it was too late, break out of the routine and train myself to seek new and scary experiences and feel alive.

I didn’t know then what shape that re-wiring would take. I joked about cycling from Colyton (where I lived) to Cape Town (partly because of the alliteration). I would have laughed out loud if anyone suggested I’d be about to sail across the Atlantic.

“Once your brain establishes a routine, the alertness goes away… I want to be aware of every day I am alive. I want to make it to 85 and be exhausted.”

Jedidiah Jenkins

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